Book - The Frog Its Reproduction and Development 3 - Embryology - Frog sperm cells

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When sperm compete to fertilize available ova, selection is expected to favour ejaculate traits that contribute to a male's fertilization success. Toluidine blue, applied to frog sperm under appropriate conditions, inactivates specifically the sperm nucleus, leaving the extranuclear parts of the cell.

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Everyone knows what a frog is but where do these animals fit in the Animal Kingdom? Frogs are both sentinel and keystone species and.
By Sanos - 04:03
The mature male frog is generally smaller than the female, ranging from 60 . In any cross section of the testis, bundles of sperm heads or tails.
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In order to make sure that the sperm reach the eggs, the male and female get When the froglet is ready to live on land, it usually has a little bit of tail left, but.
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Extensive variation in sperm morphology in a frog with no sperm This is the first study of sperm length variation in an external fertilizer.

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